Facebook’s latest Import Contacts for Pages – How business should use it. Here are some stats

· Usual email campaigns get about 2-5% click through rate

· If the email database is not registered, the % can be lower than 1%

· Not registered database (who have not signed in for opt-in) will not encourage SPAM, leading to black listing

· Facebook page conversions (people who visit the page and LIKE it) can be around 40-70%

· Thus, for a registered email database, the final conversion can be about 1 to 3.5%

· This means that 1 million registered email users can get about 10,000 to 35,000 new users


· Use it only for registered opt in users, not to everyone.

· Don’t use the feature multiple times, it will irritate your opt-in list, just use it once, or max twice (with a gap of at least a week)

· Facebook page should have something unique (Think why will an opt-in user join your page when he can get all the information in a mail.

These are just a few tips and tricks on how you leverage the new feature and ensure that it gives you maximum returns.

We specialize in such engagement and have created several records when it comes to maximum interactions as a percentage of total fan page.

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