We like to keep it to the point – so here are the details. If you would like to understand more, do visit our Contact Us section and communicate with us.

· Share high quality and relevant content with your fans – Everyday

· Do not SPAM, i.e. talk about yourself too much

· Develop a theme and stick to it

· Understand timing – Do not post when nobody is reading

· Communicate via Photos and Videos – they really can substitute thousands of words

· Use applications like Notes, Events, Polls etc – but, only where they make sense

· Ask open ended Questions and incite fans to answer them

· Track insights everyday – See trends, analyze and improve

· Give away prizes – based on contests or any criteria that suits your style

· Encourage fans to come back every day

· Do not repeat content or same message again and again.

· Allow fans to share pictures and videos on your page.

· Be Prompt – You need to answer your fans very very fast. They expect it.

· Do not tolerate misbehavior on your page – and let all your fans know about it.

These are just a few tips and tricks on how you can effectively engage your fans. The true power of Social Media is that fans are talking to humans and not machines. They need the human touch and that is what you got to give them.

We specialize in such engagement and have created several records when it comes to maximum interactions as a percentage of total fan page.

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