Let us first tell you that this part is the most important one, if you are looking to grow your brand awareness via Social Media. If you can’t attract users, then you can’t have lots of fans. If you can’t have lots of Fans, then you can’t have lots of interactions. If you don’t have lots of interactions, your brand will not spread by word of mouth – and if that does not happen, then you end up paying huge sums of money

I have worked with clients who have been paying 8-20 times more to get a user to become a fan! So this means that if your marketing target is 100,000 fans, then you are paying this 8-20 times factor for 100,000 fans.

Here is how you need to attract fans – Believe me, there are no two ways about this (unless you are a very well know brand already)

· Facebook Ads – Set aside money for Ads – You need to spend money to get the critical mass on your Facebook page. Applications that promise “viral” traffic also need to spend, so if they are also spending on Facebook Ads, then how can you escape

· Research – Once you decide on your budget, then start your research – Understand who will be interested in your page – Who means a lot of things – Age, Sex, Hobbies, Interests, Country, City etc. It does not end there – This is a factor that varies every minute of the day. Here is an example – You are a potential target for a “Games” page right now, but you may not be a potential when you are in the office on a Monday morning.

· Ads creation and Optimization – This part is best left to experts. Creating Ads and optimizing them is an art. I can target the same profile of users and pay 5 times less than what you are paying. Simply because I know how to create Ads, optimize the Ads and monitor them to update them regularly. If you really want to save a lot of money, contact an expert.

· Monitor – Facebook provides lots of reports so track everything. Track your cost per click, cost per fans – The user profiles who like your Ad…. Everything. Once you start monitoring, you will see patterns. Good ones and Bad ones. Keep the good ones and discard the bad ones.

I cannot emphasize enough on this topic. If you have to really create a brand on Facebook, you HAVE to follow the above mentioned steps.

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