Viral on Social Media

I will just give you a few tips here. You need to follow these as the golden rules and you are bound to get viral traffic. You need people to go viral and if you don’t have people, then no one is talking about you. If no one is talking about you, you can’t go viral. Follow these steps to go viral.


1) Build a very strong fan base (strong in quality and quantity)

2) Keep your fans / followers engaged by quality content – Something that They like (not you)

3) Your content should be based on a theme, if you have multiple themes, then it is better to have different channels

4) Reward good fans – Have contests, loyalty programs – give prizes and appreciation – lots of it.

5) Listen to what people are talking about you – If it is bad, correct it. If it is good, stick to it and evolve.

6) Be prompt in replying to fans – Delay causes frustration and bad sentiments emerge

7) Give the human touch – The most important piece of Social Media

You can use any medium, i.e. manual, applications, widgets, micro-sites, emails etc. but if you follow the above mentioned, you are bound to go viral.

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