Facebook’s growing mobile clout

2012 has been predicted to be the year of Social, Local and Mobile, and social networking behemoth Facebook which has been integrating local populations, causes, interest groups and brands has started to find its voice in the mobile world too.

Large number of people going mobile worldwide and in India alike hasn’t dented the prospects of Facebook. Instead, it has become the most trusted choice of mobile users when it comes to engaging with mobile applications. According to the latest data released by Facebook, more than 60 million users engage with mobile applications via Facebook on a monthly basis. To put that into perspective that is 320 million times per month ever since the mobile platform was launched last year in October 2011. These users use their Facebook credentials to log into native applications be it on Android or iOS, or use mobile web to access these applications. According to Facebook 425 million users actively access Facebook through their mobile devices.

Facebook credentials offer users an easy way to register on these apps and circumvent the tedious process of sharing their particulars. No doubt Facebook has managed to gain the trust of users despite some privacy concerns which have been raised from time to time. The trend is all set to grow stronger as more and more applications hit the market every day for mobile users.

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