Pictures that get popular on Facebook!

Pictures are, by far, the sort of Facebook content that lures the maximum attention, so certainly, brands on the Facebook emphasis on them, right? Not so much as we would think, instead brands on Facebook focus on posting more links, which draw the slightest attention of the users.

Here’s a quick sneak-peak of what kind of pictures do users share and like;

Rihanna is the most 'liked' and 'listened to' musicians on Facebook in 2011

1. Celebrity Pictures– Popular faces that have already won a million hearts are one of the most assured ways to get likes 😉


2. Baby pictures  – However old you are, you are bound to fall for the innocence on those naughty rascals eyes.

3. Pets– The only creatures who love you more than themselves (yeah I read that somewhere on the internet) and that’s reason enough for everyone to look at them with gooey eyes.


4. Funny/humorous– They are popular because they get shared and go viral in seconds.  They are the sole source of entertainment for people with desk jobs starring at their laptop for hours.


5. Clever photography – Everyone appreciates innovation and creativity. What can be a better platform than Facebook to showcase your talent and get appreciated!

6. Nature photography– The closest one can get to nature sitting in a 4×4 cubical is through the refreshing nature pictures they see Facebook.

7. Special quotes– It’s a natural human tendency to smile when they read something they relate to, hence any of those quotes you see making rounds is because many people agree with it. 


8. Nudity– Just as we’ve heard that sex sells, we also know that skin show is always attracting attention, not only of boys but girls too. Good, bad or ugly can’t deny they are popular!

9. Sweet couple/wedding pictures– Again the Awww factor makes these popular. Straight out of a Bollywood romantic story what people think is the most ideal and desirable makes the picture popular.


10. Food/chocolate photography- One of the biggest traits of humans is that they are Big foodies and will slurp at all those tempting and delicious looking food pictures

Please note:  we don’t owen the copyright for these images.

Did we miss anything on the list? Tell us what you think!

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