Advantages of Brands on Facebook

It has been 9 years since Facebook exploded into our lives and it seems to be growing onto us with every single day! Forget about knowing your friends or family on facebook… how about knowing companies?!

A recently concluded study has revealed that eight out of every 10 American companies have a Facebook presence. Not many people would have guessed that… and those who guessed it might not really know why. And more importantly, just how many really use their Facebook account? Read on to know!

The survey went on to reveal that most companies looked at Facebook to build a factor of trust with their brand. Has it worked? Well quite obviously… anyone would prefer interacting with a company with a backing of thousands of fans, rather than a company with no customer base whatsoever.

But the surprising highlight of the survey wasn’t the percentage of companies on the social media major, the survey revealed that there’s a noticeable different between using social media and taking advantage of it. Just 11 percent of companies are integrating their social media approach into their overall corporate strategy, while 17 percent are currently mid-integration.

It was found that 61 percent of businesses are paying attention to reviews and conversations that occur on social media. Eighty-three percent of companies say they always handle inquiries and complaints delivered to them through social media.

So quite obviously few companies are using the platform to generate business or leads or even maintain their brand image… And this does mean investing too.

But a fact that stood out in the survey was that a whopping 26 percent of the companies on the list didn’t even operate their account after making it functional.

Even if only a few companies are taking full advantage of social media, the survey found that most businesses are using the new platforms to listen to consumers.

Image management is without doubt one of the most important aspects in reputation management today. There have been instances in the past where larger brands into hospitality have been tarnished because of odd campaigns out to defame them. No one really cares about the facts of the content, all people would care about is the negative impulse. Think about it, what would you rather read? A compliment or a complaint?

If such focus is driven by companies into brand reputation on Facebook, it is without doubt the place to be for Indian companies. Considering the fact that we are probably the most fussy customers!

But will the gap between companies on facebook and those active in facebook mark a significant change to brand management in India’s digital world…time will tell soon enough.

Come 2015, India will the largest market for Facebook! Surely something that Facebook and Indian companies cannot ignore! The future for your company’s brand management is up for grabs…

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