Campaigns on Facebook

You have all kinds of people on Facebook nowadays. Be it the politicians, celebrities, athletes, movie stars, singers, police officers, CXO’s, regular working class people, students or parents.

Now, everyone opened their profiles here to know what the hype was all about at first. And once they knew what it was all about, they were addicted to it enough to get off it.

Having such a diverse set of people, it is but natural that it be used for a host of activities.

Initially, as expected, people started using it for marketing products and brands. Brands made the most of people being available for the new type of marketing opportunities this form of media provided. They created pages and ran ads to promote themselves.

People loved seeing the brands and being associated with them on such a close basis. They loved seeing the products and loved talking to the brands on a one-to-one basis.

And as expected, it was only natural for people to start voicing their opinions on things, sharing and commenting on things they saw day-in-and-out.

Soon, this became a trend and people started voicing their opinions on more important matters. Be it the dirty politics played by the people that rule our nation or how our National animal – the Tiger – is almost extinct!

Such campaigns were started by laymen to try and make a difference in the world we live in.

Everyone wished to share their opinions to change the society. But not everyone can be Anna Hazare. The least we could do is show him that we are with him in the fight against corruption. Hence, the campaign broke out on Facebook. This received more than 5 lakh fans. This may not have made a very big difference to the people on top, but it did help us voice our opinions about how we felt and what we thought about them!

Another important campaign that ran on Facebook was the Save Tigers campaign.

There are only 1411 tigers left in the India and there is major threat to the very existence of our National Animal!

There was a very active campaign that broke out on facebook about saving these big cats. It was mainly to keep people alert about this fact and wanting them to do any little bit that they could to save this part of our National heritage.

As a result, people became aware of the existing threat to these cats and were ready to help do their bit to save them!

The latest campaign to break out on Facebook is regarding the Presidential post of India.

There has been a lot of debate about the role that the President plays and if it is even necessary to have one since the past President has not done anything for the progress of the nation.

But then again, there were Presidents like Abdul Kalam whom the entire nation loved and adored. Everyone is showing their support for the return of Mr. Kalam to the Presidential post so that we can see some progress in the nation!

There have been several campaigns that have worked wonders. Sometimes big, sometimes not very – but no matter what they seem to make a difference. Be it the campaign pro and against Aamir Khan, or the fight against autos in Bangalore or the several different topics related to movies and movie stars!

Even if it does not reach the people it is meant to bring in the change that is expected, at least show the support of the common man and show what they want to stand for. And not to forget, it does spread truth about most matters and helps people to be aware of what is actually going on in the world!

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