Facebook – The Flip Side

Happened to read a newspaper article yesterday which stated that the number of divorces has drastically increased. Funny enough, the survey sported a very social reason to the increase…Facebook!

Yes, you read it right! FACEBOOK!

If anything, Facebook was launched with the idea of making the world a smaller place. To make it easier for people to keep in touch with each other. But whether you like it or not, over the years Facebook has become a lot more than just that!

It is said that a person logs into their Facebook account atleast 5 times a day! That is more than the number of times you speak to your mother or spouse!!

Logging into Facebook is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to sleep!

Now the fact of the matter is such that, Facebook has now actually become the face of the person. It has somehow become a way for people to judge each other. What is on Facebook is the truth.  People would rather trust what is on Facebook than the person itself. But the truth is…it is doing more harm than good!

So the question for all users is…how and where do you draw the line?? How do you make sure you do not cause any harm and hurt the people close to you? To make sure you do not land up in the court for doing something stupid here? How to make sure you do not go overboard with anything or even get addicted to it?

Here are a few pointers on how you can not let Facebook rule your life!

–         Well, the first thing is to ALWAYS keep in mind that Facebook is only a medium for you to keep in touch with people…it is not your life! It is has its boundaries and flaws. Stop talking about your daily meals, the broken window pane or the fact that your dog did his business by himself!

–         It’s only reflection of you and your life…You do not need to live on this virtual one!

–         Remember, the things you do in this virtual world should be of least importance

–         You are here only to meet and keep in touch with people and maybe even play games and have some fun

–         Spend an hour or so of your free time at the max on facebook every day…not the time you have to spend with your family or loved ones… (You know something is wrong when you ask how your sibling is doing on Facebook chat!)

–         Do you really care that your acquaintance’s sister got a brand new hand bag?! Set your priorities straight!

–         Most importantly, add people you know… or atleast people you know would want to know you… not people you saw/waved at/smiled at/exchanged pleasantries with

It’s more or less likely you have logged into your Facebook account as you read this… so check the news feed, do you really care about all the news you read?!

It is high time you decide…To what extent you would like Facebook to call the shots in your life?!


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