Facebook – The Judge of Character

It was a bright Monday morning and all that Rohan expected were Monday morning blues. But there was a lot that he dint expect in store for him. He got into a lot of trouble with his father which came as a surprise to him. Coz as far as he knew, he had done nothing ‘get-into-trouble’ worthy or atleast he had covered his tracks well enough not to get into trouble.

But that definitely wasn’t the case! His father questioned him about his whereabouts over the weekend. According to what his dad knew, he had gone for a group study session at his friend’s house.

So, how did all this happen?? Thanks to his friends tagging him in a few pictures taken at the party he attended over the weekend! His friends had forced him to attend this party as he was one of those ‘studious good-boy’ kinds who never enjoyed partying or drinking! Even though it was the first and only party he ever attended it managed to ruin his image with of his father.

And the outcome of all of this?? He ended up with a strict curfew at home which does not allow him to go out beyond 9 in the evening and night outs are a definite NO NO! And the ‘Trust’ factor has somehow immediately vanished!

Facebook is now probably the most active and popular social media platform.

The reason for the younger generation to be on social media sites like Facebook is probably to catch up with old friends, update them about what is going on in their lives and maybe even meet new people. It does not have the boundaries of having to behave or be responsible, like they have to in real life. They would like to voice their opinions, update their friends about their ‘status’ and most importantly, share photos – more often than not, controversial ones! 

And now, it’s not only the younger generation…Everyone you know is on Facebook! Be it your friends, your spouse, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or cousins. Even your parents have an account now!

This being the case, it has become impossible for the youth to be themselves on the one place that helped them get away from the daily hassles of life! You are forced to think twice about everything you do. About the comments you leave, the pages you like, the status updates you put up and ofcourse, you definitely cannot afford to be tagged in pictures – be it with you friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, pictures from a trip you took or a party you once attended!

Having half your family on your friends list, anything and everything you do Matters! What you do or don’t do outside of Facebook, the kind of person you are, all of it is questioned. The person everyone thinks you are drastically changes…and not for the better! You are forced to make sure you maintain a crystal clear image even here. And now, it is not any different from your real life. You do not have the freedom to be and do what you please…It has boundaries too! Everything you do changes the person you are!

So the next time you are on Facebook, remember, you may have your Character at stake!!

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