The Games We Play!

Facebook, the place for networking, where people used to only meet and catch up with people soon became something a lot more than that!

I mean, what more could you have asked for? You were happy just being ‘friends’ with classmates from high school, whom you probably saw after 10 years, your friends from college or your distant relative!

You have people from all walks of life as ‘friends’ on your Facebook page. You were satisfied with just updating your status or sharing photos.

But soon, it turned out to be a place for wholesome entertainment! Companies like Zynga, made the best of the huge number of people that were a part of this social networking site by developing games solely for them!

The first game that came out on facebook was Farmville. Each player had a virtual farm to take care for. Much like the real world, they had to plow the land, sow seeds, water them for them to grow and reap the benefits by harvesting them. And not to forget, there were farm animals you could benefit out of as well!

People were so addicted to the game, that the used to ensure they log in daily and harvest their plants so that they do not die. They used to lose sleep over it as well! It became a virtual force to reckon with, with over 11 million users daily.

Once they saw the success of this game, and before people lost interest, they developed several other interesting games as well. Be it Cityville, Fishville or Castleville.

Soon, all sorts of games came on to facebook. All games people loved playing became a part of facebook as well!

Angry Birds, which started out as a mobile application and was one of the most enjoyed and competitive games, was also available on Facebook.

Many other games like Mafia Wars, Poker, Bejeweled, Texas Holdem and many more followed suit as well. At present there are hundreds of games available on Facebook.

And what’s more? You are not only entertained, you also have an option to compete with your friends!

The whole idea behind it is to ensure people spend a lot more time on their Facebook page (although it isn’t really required!). To keep people entertained and addicted to it.

They wanted Facebook to be the one stop shop for entertainment…And it has definitely been that!

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