If Brands had a Payment Gateway on Facebook

Facebook now probably has all possible features you can think of. From the basics like having people on your friends list, sharing pictures, updating your status messages to even video chatting.

Facebook is also one of the most important social media sites for marketing brands and products. It has over 4 million businesses present on it, selling products, marketing and building their fan base.

Statistics show that an average facebook user likes around 80 pages. But, this is not the limit…a person can like upto 5000 pages!

When we consider an average person, who likes 80 pages, the amount of time he spends on Facebook is enormous! He is logged into facebook for atleast an hour a day!

While on facebook, the first thing everyone does is to check their wall – all the status updates from their friends and the brand pages they like. They probably even update their own status messages, upload pictures, look up about their friends and even visit the brand pages they really like.

Now when there is so much to do on facebook, the only reason that a person would log out of it is because they have other things to take care of. Things like making payments, shopping online, etc. Just because they log out of facebook, it does not mean they are not online anymore. People spend a good couple of hours on the internet.

You have several e-commerce websites that people also look into everyday as well. There are many interesting things that people find on them and buy. People even complete simple tasks such as ordering food online.

Now when there is already so much on facebook, imagine if it could be enhanced a little more. Imagine if many other features available on other websites were rolled into it as well…

For example, if there was a way that you could place an order for that pizza with special jalapeno toppings from a Pizza Hut or a Dominos while you were on Facebook itself. It would cut those extra few clicks and the extra couple of minutes that you need to log in to their websites and place your order.

Even with almost all brands, especially all e-commerce ones, existing on Facebook, it would be so much simpler if there was a way that all the features available on their websites be available on Facebook itself. Features such as going through all the products of the brand, selecting the items of your choice and even making payments for them directly via Facebook itself.

In this way, you would not have to log in to the different brands’ websites that you like separately. Since you are on Facebook and you would have invariably liked the brand pages you like, it would make life so much simpler if you could find all features of the website with just a click of a button. It saves a lot of time and in this way, you would even be spending a lot of time on Facebook itself. You would not have to cut short a conversation with a friend or have to remind yourself to go through your friends’ photos later…you can do it all at one place. Facebook will become your one stop solution for all your online needs!

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