Music on Facebook

Facebook which started out just a simple social networking site soon had several features to it. One such feature that was made available recently was listening to Music with your friends on facebook.

Everyone loves to listen to music. Be it when you are happy or when you are sad, music is always the best companion. You always find the right kind of music to define the mood you are in or it can be even be the other way round where the music you listen to defines the mood you are in.

Friends are usually the only ones that you would love to share your mood or feelings with. What can be better than combining the two and making friends a part of the music you listen to?

Music is one of the most powerful and fun ways to connect. Whether it’s at a concert with a bunch of people or on a long drive with your best buddy, you love listening to music with your friends. But what if you could listen to music with your friends when you’re alone, like at work, at home or on the go?

Now, with the music feature on Facebook, there is a new way to listen with friends. This feature lets you listen to the music of your choice with any of your friends who are currently listening to music. You can listen to music with a single friend or a group of them.

You also have an option to chat with your friends about what you’re listening to. As others start listening along, they will join the chat as well. You also have an option of controlling who you’re listening along with, with your settings.

Before you can listen to music with your friends, you need to allow the music apps you use to add your listening activity on your timeline.

If your friends also allow music apps to publish their listening activity on their timeline, you will see a next to their name in the chat sidebar when they’re listening to music. You might also see a story in the ticker that says your friend is listening to a song.

To listen with a friend,

–         Hover over their name in the chat sidebar or the story in ticker

–         Click the Listen With (friend’s name) button that appears

–         If you haven’t already opened the same music service provider as your friend, click the Open button on the next window

Right now, you can only listen with friends on Spotify or Rdio. If you don’t have either of these music providers, you can sign up after you click the Listen With (friend’s name) button.

Now, you can experience enjoying music together with your friends no matter where you are. Enjoy sharing this part of your life with your friends as well!

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