Announce your Pregnancy via Facebook

Facebook has evolved a lot ever since it came into existence. It continuously changes over time, trying to keep the users’ interest intact. It has always made sure that people do not get saturated or bored with what is there.

Life on Facebook, has become life on the whole! It helps people share things with each other – be it as simple as what you did during the weekend, what you had for breakfast in the morning or news such as getting a huge appraisal at work! And ofcourse, you can add life to the news by sharing pictures of all the important events in their life.

Making announcements on Facebook was never difficult. With just a click of a button, you could tell the entire world about the important event that happened in your life. If you started a brand new relationship or just ended one, if you are engaged or married, if you are moving in to a new city – you can let the whole world know!

And now, to add to this, the new announcement you can make is to tell the whole world that you are expecting your little bundle of joy! 🙂

Facebook launches a new Timeline event that lets you share the news of your pregnancy with all your ‘friends’!

You can add information such as the expected due date, and whether it’s a boy or girl. You can add additional info like who the other parent is, location of where the baby will be born and a detailed story as well.

Baby announcements appear in the Celebrations home page sidebar. You can also set a future publishing date if you want to wait a while before making the announcement. Also, you can add a photo to the story. Once published, the story will appear in the news feed immediately for all your friends to see.

This new life event for expecting a baby also opens up new advertising opportunities for brands. Brands now have a new ad targeting option of “expecting parents”.

Brands that have new born related products now have the ability to accurately target expected parents with ads for maternity clothes, parenting classes, strollers, and anything else someone needs to be a mom or dad.

Now with this new feature available on Facebook, you need not have to wait for your baby to be born to announce it to the entire world…you can make this important time of your life, part of your ‘Timeline’ as well! 🙂

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