Photography on Facebook

Ever since cameras were discovered, photos and photography has always caught people’s fancy. Whether it is to face the camera and pose for photos or stay behind them and make the magic happen, everyone is amazed with photography!

When facebook came along a few years ago, photography was already a big part of everyone’s life. People loved the idea of capturing their life with the help of a simple camera and store it for years to come.

With the birth of this social media giant, people could not have been happier. They started sharing the most important parts of their lives, all the memories and the special moments with their friends and family via this platform. It was definitely the easiest and fastest way for people to connect.

Ofcourse, there were several picture sharing sites such as Flickr, Shutterfly, Picassa that already existed and it was the best known way to share these pictures. But with everyone soon being on facebook, it was just easier and more convenient for people to share pictures here. And it is no surprise that these picture sharing sites are faced with a huge battle ahead of them!

Sharing pictures on Facebook soon became a way of life! Everyone wanted their friends and family to be a part of their life. They wanted to share those special moments of their life with their loved ones. And owing to the features available on Facebook, these pictures got ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

So, when a person published a picture on Facebook, they wanted to make sure they get the most ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ from all their friends. Every picture people clicked went up on Facebook. Each picture more attractive than the previous.

Facebook Timeline has several features and options. Every profile has a Profile Picture and a Cover Photo. So it does not come as a surprise that people tried to put up the most attractive, one-of-a-kind picture to be appreciated by everyone!

Every single moment of life goes up on their wall. Be it as simple as just going out for a walk or dining at the new restaurant that just opened in town. All the family trips, the fun you have in the college canteen after bunking a class, all the nights you go out with your friends and not to mention few of the most important moments in life – proposing to the love of your life and the magical moment when you marry them, the very first picture of your child, and several others.

It has come to a stage where people do not take pictures for the same reasons as earlier. They are not just taken for the sake of capturing the beautiful moments of life… It is not taken only as a memory. It is taken to be shown off on Facebook! The thought that quickly runs through your mind after a taking a picture is – is this picture good enough to be my new profile picture?!

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