Facebook – The World’s New Business Hub

Just how much time do you think an average teenager would spend on Facebook? An hour or so a day maybe? Or make that two hours? Well, you better think again!

A recent report from McAfee revealed that Indian teens spend a massive 86% of their time daily on Facebook followed by 54% on Twitter. Yes folks, gone are the days when teens spent their time on playgrounds or even playing videogames! As of now, Social media is the name of the game.

It comes as no surprise that every brand on the face of the earth would want to publicize their brands of the social media majors. With the brand recall that can be generated, it has become a platform that cannot be ignored. Infact, gone are the days when traditional media like TV/Print would be used to launch a product, quite recently a car manufacturer launched their hatchback using Facebook. Hmmm… Will it make the right impact? Quite obviously!

The report from McAfee also showed that 97% of teens have access to social network, while there is a growing digital divide between teens and their parents.

‘This divide is attributed to the fact that Indian teens are growing up as digital natives, with increasingly active online lives but lack of parental assistance’ – Survey

One of the main attributes for this has to be the link of applications on a smartphone. Yes yes, your reflex question might be – ‘Which 13-year-old uses a smartphone?’ – The answer – Almost half of them. The survey showed that nearly 45% of teens use a smartphone that has Facebook has an application & teens open their Facebook account at an average age of 13.

Between the fine print, this survey represents Facebook as a trusted brand amongst our teens. 89% teens believe social network is safe whereas parents (quite obviously) are less believing at 71%!

With such percentages, would you really not want to invest in probably the strongest marketing tool ever?!

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