Music on Facebook

Facebook which started out just a simple social networking site soon had several features to it. One such feature that was made available recently was listening to Music with your friends on facebook.

Everyone loves to listen to music. Be it when you are happy or when you are sad, music is always the best companion. You always find the right kind of music to define the mood you are in or it can be even be the other way round where the music you listen to defines the mood you are in.

Friends are usually the only ones that you would love to share your mood or feelings with. What can be better than combining the two and making friends a part of the music you listen to?

Music is one of the most powerful and fun ways to connect. Whether it’s at a concert with a bunch of people or on a long drive with your best buddy, you love listening to music with your friends. But what if you could listen to music with your friends when you’re alone, like at work, at home or on the go?

Now, with the music feature on Facebook, there is a new way to listen with friends. This feature lets you listen to the music of your choice with any of your friends who are currently listening to music. You can listen to music with a single friend or a group of them.

You also have an option to chat with your friends about what you’re listening to. As others start listening along, they will join the chat as well. You also have an option of controlling who you’re listening along with, with your settings.

Before you can listen to music with your friends, you need to allow the music apps you use to add your listening activity on your timeline.

If your friends also allow music apps to publish their listening activity on their timeline, you will see a next to their name in the chat sidebar when they’re listening to music. You might also see a story in the ticker that says your friend is listening to a song.

To listen with a friend,

–         Hover over their name in the chat sidebar or the story in ticker

–         Click the Listen With (friend’s name) button that appears

–         If you haven’t already opened the same music service provider as your friend, click the Open button on the next window

Right now, you can only listen with friends on Spotify or Rdio. If you don’t have either of these music providers, you can sign up after you click the Listen With (friend’s name) button.

Now, you can experience enjoying music together with your friends no matter where you are. Enjoy sharing this part of your life with your friends as well!

If Brands had a Payment Gateway on Facebook

Facebook now probably has all possible features you can think of. From the basics like having people on your friends list, sharing pictures, updating your status messages to even video chatting.

Facebook is also one of the most important social media sites for marketing brands and products. It has over 4 million businesses present on it, selling products, marketing and building their fan base.

Statistics show that an average facebook user likes around 80 pages. But, this is not the limit…a person can like upto 5000 pages!

When we consider an average person, who likes 80 pages, the amount of time he spends on Facebook is enormous! He is logged into facebook for atleast an hour a day!

While on facebook, the first thing everyone does is to check their wall – all the status updates from their friends and the brand pages they like. They probably even update their own status messages, upload pictures, look up about their friends and even visit the brand pages they really like.

Now when there is so much to do on facebook, the only reason that a person would log out of it is because they have other things to take care of. Things like making payments, shopping online, etc. Just because they log out of facebook, it does not mean they are not online anymore. People spend a good couple of hours on the internet.

You have several e-commerce websites that people also look into everyday as well. There are many interesting things that people find on them and buy. People even complete simple tasks such as ordering food online.

Now when there is already so much on facebook, imagine if it could be enhanced a little more. Imagine if many other features available on other websites were rolled into it as well…

For example, if there was a way that you could place an order for that pizza with special jalapeno toppings from a Pizza Hut or a Dominos while you were on Facebook itself. It would cut those extra few clicks and the extra couple of minutes that you need to log in to their websites and place your order.

Even with almost all brands, especially all e-commerce ones, existing on Facebook, it would be so much simpler if there was a way that all the features available on their websites be available on Facebook itself. Features such as going through all the products of the brand, selecting the items of your choice and even making payments for them directly via Facebook itself.

In this way, you would not have to log in to the different brands’ websites that you like separately. Since you are on Facebook and you would have invariably liked the brand pages you like, it would make life so much simpler if you could find all features of the website with just a click of a button. It saves a lot of time and in this way, you would even be spending a lot of time on Facebook itself. You would not have to cut short a conversation with a friend or have to remind yourself to go through your friends’ photos later…you can do it all at one place. Facebook will become your one stop solution for all your online needs!

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Being active on social media sites is the top priority for several brands at present. It is not the most important way to market a brand or products. It is probably the best way to reach out to customers.

And when a brand is on a social media site like facebook, the first thing they do is develop a fan base for their page. Next, to make full use of their presence, brands engage with customers on a daily basis.

Engaging with your fan base can be very tricky. You need to be careful about what you do and what you say. Even the language you use is important. You need to be at the top of your game when it comes to engaging with your customers.

Once you start engaging with your fan base or customers on a daily basis, you need to ensure you give them something for them to look forward to. You need to entertain them and at the same time educate them well about your brand and products.

Engagement is usually done on a daily basis and it is a good idea to put up 2-3 posts every day. You also need to constantly monitor the posts you have put up and attend to the comments or queries your audience has.

Weekdays or weekends, your posts should be up on the page. You cannot afford to take a day off…especially during the weekends.

But let’s face it…everyone needs a day off!

Especially for such situations, you have an option of scheduling your posts. You have several sites/tools which help you schedule posts with the content of your choice and for the time or day of your choice. Your content will be automatically posted on your page.

But with all these tools, the major drawback was the number of posts that could be scheduled.

If you are going out on a vacation and do not want your page to suffer because of it or if the timing of your posts is not very social-friendly, you need to have an option to schedule them. And this cannot be an everyday activity in times like this.

Now with the new feature on Facebook, which gives you an option of scheduling posts, your life can be a lot easier.

There is no cap on the number of posts you can schedule for your page. You can schedule posts for the next couple of days or months or even for the year to come.

If you want to schedule a post for the next month, it is not a must that you have to schedule all posts up until that particular day or month. You can schedule posts only on the days of your choice.

With this new feature on Facebook, you also have an option to post on the days already passed by. You can put up posts for the previous couple of days or even the past year.

Engaging fans and posting for your page on Facebook has never been this simple!

How do you decide whether to like a page or not?

Facebook now probably has more than a million brands present on it. The reason behind a brands existence on Facebook is purely for marketing purposes. They like to connect with people on a more personal level and get to know what works and what doesn’t with the audience. Not to forget, they are there to prove their credibility!

When a brand exists on facebook, they will make the most of their existence by creating a fan base of audience related to their brand and also engage them on a daily basis. The more the number of fans and the more they engage with fans, the more virality and credibility the brand builds.

So when it comes to liking a brand, how do you decide? How do you know you want to like the brand page or not? Is it because you like a single product they sell? Is it because all your friends like it? Or is it simply because you like the name of the brand?

Before liking a brands’ page on Facebook, you need to be sure you like the page for all the right reasons!

Never like a page because you like a single product that the brand has come with. Also, never go with what the ‘trend’ is! You can be faithful to a brand, but it does not mean you have to like their page on facebook as well!

Before liking a page, do some basic research:

– Go through the details of the brand page. See the kind of products the brand has. Ensure the products the brand comes up with are of use to you and you can see yourself using them at some point or the other.

– Review the page and see how they engage with their audience. How frequently they post on the page, the kind of posts they put up and if it is relevant to you or not. It should not be such that they put up 5-6 posts a day and your ‘wall’ looks spammed by their posts!

– Also see the tabs/applications and the contests the brand comes up with. It should be exciting contests, the kinds that you would love to take part in!

When you like a page on facebook, it should be of real interest to you. It should have interesting posts and comments that keep you glued to the brand. It should not be such that, seeing the page and the kind of engagement they conduct, you finally lose interest in the products and the brand itself!

The Games We Play!

Facebook, the place for networking, where people used to only meet and catch up with people soon became something a lot more than that!

I mean, what more could you have asked for? You were happy just being ‘friends’ with classmates from high school, whom you probably saw after 10 years, your friends from college or your distant relative!

You have people from all walks of life as ‘friends’ on your Facebook page. You were satisfied with just updating your status or sharing photos.

But soon, it turned out to be a place for wholesome entertainment! Companies like Zynga, made the best of the huge number of people that were a part of this social networking site by developing games solely for them!

The first game that came out on facebook was Farmville. Each player had a virtual farm to take care for. Much like the real world, they had to plow the land, sow seeds, water them for them to grow and reap the benefits by harvesting them. And not to forget, there were farm animals you could benefit out of as well!

People were so addicted to the game, that the used to ensure they log in daily and harvest their plants so that they do not die. They used to lose sleep over it as well! It became a virtual force to reckon with, with over 11 million users daily.

Once they saw the success of this game, and before people lost interest, they developed several other interesting games as well. Be it Cityville, Fishville or Castleville.

Soon, all sorts of games came on to facebook. All games people loved playing became a part of facebook as well!

Angry Birds, which started out as a mobile application and was one of the most enjoyed and competitive games, was also available on Facebook.

Many other games like Mafia Wars, Poker, Bejeweled, Texas Holdem and many more followed suit as well. At present there are hundreds of games available on Facebook.

And what’s more? You are not only entertained, you also have an option to compete with your friends!

The whole idea behind it is to ensure people spend a lot more time on their Facebook page (although it isn’t really required!). To keep people entertained and addicted to it.

They wanted Facebook to be the one stop shop for entertainment…And it has definitely been that!

Advantages of Brands on Facebook

It has been 9 years since Facebook exploded into our lives and it seems to be growing onto us with every single day! Forget about knowing your friends or family on facebook… how about knowing companies?!

A recently concluded study has revealed that eight out of every 10 American companies have a Facebook presence. Not many people would have guessed that… and those who guessed it might not really know why. And more importantly, just how many really use their Facebook account? Read on to know!

The survey went on to reveal that most companies looked at Facebook to build a factor of trust with their brand. Has it worked? Well quite obviously… anyone would prefer interacting with a company with a backing of thousands of fans, rather than a company with no customer base whatsoever.

But the surprising highlight of the survey wasn’t the percentage of companies on the social media major, the survey revealed that there’s a noticeable different between using social media and taking advantage of it. Just 11 percent of companies are integrating their social media approach into their overall corporate strategy, while 17 percent are currently mid-integration.

It was found that 61 percent of businesses are paying attention to reviews and conversations that occur on social media. Eighty-three percent of companies say they always handle inquiries and complaints delivered to them through social media.

So quite obviously few companies are using the platform to generate business or leads or even maintain their brand image… And this does mean investing too.

But a fact that stood out in the survey was that a whopping 26 percent of the companies on the list didn’t even operate their account after making it functional.

Even if only a few companies are taking full advantage of social media, the survey found that most businesses are using the new platforms to listen to consumers.

Image management is without doubt one of the most important aspects in reputation management today. There have been instances in the past where larger brands into hospitality have been tarnished because of odd campaigns out to defame them. No one really cares about the facts of the content, all people would care about is the negative impulse. Think about it, what would you rather read? A compliment or a complaint?

If such focus is driven by companies into brand reputation on Facebook, it is without doubt the place to be for Indian companies. Considering the fact that we are probably the most fussy customers!

But will the gap between companies on facebook and those active in facebook mark a significant change to brand management in India’s digital world…time will tell soon enough.

Come 2015, India will the largest market for Facebook! Surely something that Facebook and Indian companies cannot ignore! The future for your company’s brand management is up for grabs…

Campaigns on Facebook

You have all kinds of people on Facebook nowadays. Be it the politicians, celebrities, athletes, movie stars, singers, police officers, CXO’s, regular working class people, students or parents.

Now, everyone opened their profiles here to know what the hype was all about at first. And once they knew what it was all about, they were addicted to it enough to get off it.

Having such a diverse set of people, it is but natural that it be used for a host of activities.

Initially, as expected, people started using it for marketing products and brands. Brands made the most of people being available for the new type of marketing opportunities this form of media provided. They created pages and ran ads to promote themselves.

People loved seeing the brands and being associated with them on such a close basis. They loved seeing the products and loved talking to the brands on a one-to-one basis.

And as expected, it was only natural for people to start voicing their opinions on things, sharing and commenting on things they saw day-in-and-out.

Soon, this became a trend and people started voicing their opinions on more important matters. Be it the dirty politics played by the people that rule our nation or how our National animal – the Tiger – is almost extinct!

Such campaigns were started by laymen to try and make a difference in the world we live in.

Everyone wished to share their opinions to change the society. But not everyone can be Anna Hazare. The least we could do is show him that we are with him in the fight against corruption. Hence, the campaign broke out on Facebook. This received more than 5 lakh fans. This may not have made a very big difference to the people on top, but it did help us voice our opinions about how we felt and what we thought about them!

Another important campaign that ran on Facebook was the Save Tigers campaign.

There are only 1411 tigers left in the India and there is major threat to the very existence of our National Animal!

There was a very active campaign that broke out on facebook about saving these big cats. It was mainly to keep people alert about this fact and wanting them to do any little bit that they could to save this part of our National heritage.

As a result, people became aware of the existing threat to these cats and were ready to help do their bit to save them!

The latest campaign to break out on Facebook is regarding the Presidential post of India.

There has been a lot of debate about the role that the President plays and if it is even necessary to have one since the past President has not done anything for the progress of the nation.

But then again, there were Presidents like Abdul Kalam whom the entire nation loved and adored. Everyone is showing their support for the return of Mr. Kalam to the Presidential post so that we can see some progress in the nation!

There have been several campaigns that have worked wonders. Sometimes big, sometimes not very – but no matter what they seem to make a difference. Be it the campaign pro and against Aamir Khan, or the fight against autos in Bangalore or the several different topics related to movies and movie stars!

Even if it does not reach the people it is meant to bring in the change that is expected, at least show the support of the common man and show what they want to stand for. And not to forget, it does spread truth about most matters and helps people to be aware of what is actually going on in the world!

Brands on Facebook

When Facebook was started, it was only a network where people could meet and talk to each other. It was meant to be used only by individuals to connect.

But just like everything else, it gained a commercial value as well. It became a warehouse for brands and companies. If a brand has a name for itself or wants to create a name for itself, it’s a must for it to have an existence on social media.

It is but natural for customers to have complaints about any product they buy. Facebook has become the best platform for people to voice their opinions and complaints about any brand.

It is not advisable for brands to let these complaints go unnoticed and not make a difference. It would be a smart move for them to acknowledge these complaints and let the customers know that their query/complaint will be sorted out as soon as possible. Hence leading to a happy customer, who would be looking forward to doing business with you again.

Being on social media will only benefit a brand. It will help the brand relate to the customers and understand them on a one-to-one basis. It will help them understand what works with the customers and what doesn’t, how to improve the products and satisfy customers.

Another obvious advantage is the trust factor. The facebook page of the brand shows the credibility of the brand. The more the number of fans, the more credible the brand looks.

Over the past decade, e-commerce has become one of the most prominent developments. Believe it or not, Facebook has a very strong role. It is but natural to think twice before every online transaction. A Facebook page with a strong fan following would without doubt instill faith in the end user and even push for stronger sales. Think about it, haven’t you searched for an e-commerce website on Facebook?

This blog would be incomplete if we did not touch with the positioning factor that Facebook holds for a business. It’s the perfect place to create a brand the way you want it. For example, a flashy theme of a restaurant may be flaunted on Facebook with ease… without a single of your fans yet to visit! Again reaping the benefit of this would be an e-commerce site… imagine if none of them could’ve positioned the word ‘reliability’ over their online campaigns.

The very fact that an average person logs into their account 6 times a day shows the ‘recollect’ value a brand could have on Facebook. Each time you see a brand ambassador sporting a new bag/shoe/car… the brand grows further. This being a factor a company old or new cannot ignore.

Thinking about promoting your business on Facebook? Well, the reasons could not get better!

Facebook – The Flip Side

Happened to read a newspaper article yesterday which stated that the number of divorces has drastically increased. Funny enough, the survey sported a very social reason to the increase…Facebook!

Yes, you read it right! FACEBOOK!

If anything, Facebook was launched with the idea of making the world a smaller place. To make it easier for people to keep in touch with each other. But whether you like it or not, over the years Facebook has become a lot more than just that!

It is said that a person logs into their Facebook account atleast 5 times a day! That is more than the number of times you speak to your mother or spouse!!

Logging into Facebook is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to sleep!

Now the fact of the matter is such that, Facebook has now actually become the face of the person. It has somehow become a way for people to judge each other. What is on Facebook is the truth.  People would rather trust what is on Facebook than the person itself. But the truth is…it is doing more harm than good!

So the question for all users is…how and where do you draw the line?? How do you make sure you do not cause any harm and hurt the people close to you? To make sure you do not land up in the court for doing something stupid here? How to make sure you do not go overboard with anything or even get addicted to it?

Here are a few pointers on how you can not let Facebook rule your life!

–         Well, the first thing is to ALWAYS keep in mind that Facebook is only a medium for you to keep in touch with people…it is not your life! It is has its boundaries and flaws. Stop talking about your daily meals, the broken window pane or the fact that your dog did his business by himself!

–         It’s only reflection of you and your life…You do not need to live on this virtual one!

–         Remember, the things you do in this virtual world should be of least importance

–         You are here only to meet and keep in touch with people and maybe even play games and have some fun

–         Spend an hour or so of your free time at the max on facebook every day…not the time you have to spend with your family or loved ones… (You know something is wrong when you ask how your sibling is doing on Facebook chat!)

–         Do you really care that your acquaintance’s sister got a brand new hand bag?! Set your priorities straight!

–         Most importantly, add people you know… or atleast people you know would want to know you… not people you saw/waved at/smiled at/exchanged pleasantries with

It’s more or less likely you have logged into your Facebook account as you read this… so check the news feed, do you really care about all the news you read?!

It is high time you decide…To what extent you would like Facebook to call the shots in your life?!


Facebook – The Judge of Character

It was a bright Monday morning and all that Rohan expected were Monday morning blues. But there was a lot that he dint expect in store for him. He got into a lot of trouble with his father which came as a surprise to him. Coz as far as he knew, he had done nothing ‘get-into-trouble’ worthy or atleast he had covered his tracks well enough not to get into trouble.

But that definitely wasn’t the case! His father questioned him about his whereabouts over the weekend. According to what his dad knew, he had gone for a group study session at his friend’s house.

So, how did all this happen?? Thanks to his friends tagging him in a few pictures taken at the party he attended over the weekend! His friends had forced him to attend this party as he was one of those ‘studious good-boy’ kinds who never enjoyed partying or drinking! Even though it was the first and only party he ever attended it managed to ruin his image with of his father.

And the outcome of all of this?? He ended up with a strict curfew at home which does not allow him to go out beyond 9 in the evening and night outs are a definite NO NO! And the ‘Trust’ factor has somehow immediately vanished!

Facebook is now probably the most active and popular social media platform.

The reason for the younger generation to be on social media sites like Facebook is probably to catch up with old friends, update them about what is going on in their lives and maybe even meet new people. It does not have the boundaries of having to behave or be responsible, like they have to in real life. They would like to voice their opinions, update their friends about their ‘status’ and most importantly, share photos – more often than not, controversial ones! 

And now, it’s not only the younger generation…Everyone you know is on Facebook! Be it your friends, your spouse, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or cousins. Even your parents have an account now!

This being the case, it has become impossible for the youth to be themselves on the one place that helped them get away from the daily hassles of life! You are forced to think twice about everything you do. About the comments you leave, the pages you like, the status updates you put up and ofcourse, you definitely cannot afford to be tagged in pictures – be it with you friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, pictures from a trip you took or a party you once attended!

Having half your family on your friends list, anything and everything you do Matters! What you do or don’t do outside of Facebook, the kind of person you are, all of it is questioned. The person everyone thinks you are drastically changes…and not for the better! You are forced to make sure you maintain a crystal clear image even here. And now, it is not any different from your real life. You do not have the freedom to be and do what you please…It has boundaries too! Everything you do changes the person you are!

So the next time you are on Facebook, remember, you may have your Character at stake!!