Facebook Matrimony

While most of us use Facebook as a virtual hangout/pastime, a lot of people are using Facebook a groundwork that helps them decide on a life-partner in an arrange Marriage.

So there is no more rotation of bio-data’s and pictures, people just log in to see what the other individual is like, on Facebook! 

A female friend of mine whose parents asked her to look up for a boy’s profile on Facebook, overruled the boy because he used a very tacky line in the “About me” description and his profile picture was very distant, which made her assume that he must be ugly so he does not have the self-assurance for a closer picture.

So what are the dos and don’ts one must follow while dating and considering marraige?

Tips for a successful marriage planned through Facebook.

1. Avoid friending your partner’s cousins and family members. They have a habit of going through your oldest albums and digging up your glorious past.

2. Uncles and aunties above 50 are strict NO for your friend list. They are like silent observers of your news feed, who comment and share only in family gatherings.
3. Avoid calling each other ‘Jannu’ and ‘baby’ before your relationship is out in the open i.e. you family also knows about it. This will avoid the rumour mill at work and deprive your  older cousins from gossiping for few more days.

4. Do not post 24×7 love messages, pictures and videos on your partner’s wall. It’s can get super irritating if not for you then for your friends who unfortunately are forced to witness your sweet nothings day and night.

5. Asking your cousins or friends to start calling the gal/guy whom you have just been introduced ‘jiju’ or ‘bhabhi’ would be an overkill.

6. Do not change your relationship status based on your mood swings e.g. ‘Oh, finally the marriage date is fixed’ — relationship status: Engaged; ‘We had out first argument. She wants pink to be our marriage theme. I want purple!’ — Relationship status: Its complicated.

Facebook is no more as casual as we would like to believe, it’s a platform for people to judge you. If you’re not on Facebook you are considered old fashioned or an alien, and if you are then there is no escaping the judging eyes.

Is it okay to lie a little on Facebook when considering marriage? Share your opinion

Viral on Social Media

I will just give you a few tips here. You need to follow these as the golden rules and you are bound to get viral traffic. You need people to go viral and if you don’t have people, then no one is talking about you. If no one is talking about you, you can’t go viral. Follow these steps to go viral.


1) Build a very strong fan base (strong in quality and quantity)

2) Keep your fans / followers engaged by quality content – Something that They like (not you)

3) Your content should be based on a theme, if you have multiple themes, then it is better to have different channels

4) Reward good fans – Have contests, loyalty programs – give prizes and appreciation – lots of it.

5) Listen to what people are talking about you – If it is bad, correct it. If it is good, stick to it and evolve.

6) Be prompt in replying to fans – Delay causes frustration and bad sentiments emerge

7) Give the human touch – The most important piece of Social Media

You can use any medium, i.e. manual, applications, widgets, micro-sites, emails etc. but if you follow the above mentioned, you are bound to go viral.


We like to keep it to the point – so here are the details. If you would like to understand more, do visit our Contact Us section and communicate with us.

· Share high quality and relevant content with your fans – Everyday

· Do not SPAM, i.e. talk about yourself too much

· Develop a theme and stick to it

· Understand timing – Do not post when nobody is reading

· Communicate via Photos and Videos – they really can substitute thousands of words

· Use applications like Notes, Events, Polls etc – but, only where they make sense

· Ask open ended Questions and incite fans to answer them

· Track insights everyday – See trends, analyze and improve

· Give away prizes – based on contests or any criteria that suits your style

· Encourage fans to come back every day

· Do not repeat content or same message again and again.

· Allow fans to share pictures and videos on your page.

· Be Prompt – You need to answer your fans very very fast. They expect it.

· Do not tolerate misbehavior on your page – and let all your fans know about it.

These are just a few tips and tricks on how you can effectively engage your fans. The true power of Social Media is that fans are talking to humans and not machines. They need the human touch and that is what you got to give them.

We specialize in such engagement and have created several records when it comes to maximum interactions as a percentage of total fan page.