How do you decide whether to like a page or not?

Facebook now probably has more than a million brands present on it. The reason behind a brands existence on Facebook is purely for marketing purposes. They like to connect with people on a more personal level and get to know what works and what doesn’t with the audience. Not to forget, they are there to prove their credibility!

When a brand exists on facebook, they will make the most of their existence by creating a fan base of audience related to their brand and also engage them on a daily basis. The more the number of fans and the more they engage with fans, the more virality and credibility the brand builds.

So when it comes to liking a brand, how do you decide? How do you know you want to like the brand page or not? Is it because you like a single product they sell? Is it because all your friends like it? Or is it simply because you like the name of the brand?

Before liking a brands’ page on Facebook, you need to be sure you like the page for all the right reasons!

Never like a page because you like a single product that the brand has come with. Also, never go with what the ‘trend’ is! You can be faithful to a brand, but it does not mean you have to like their page on facebook as well!

Before liking a page, do some basic research:

– Go through the details of the brand page. See the kind of products the brand has. Ensure the products the brand comes up with are of use to you and you can see yourself using them at some point or the other.

– Review the page and see how they engage with their audience. How frequently they post on the page, the kind of posts they put up and if it is relevant to you or not. It should not be such that they put up 5-6 posts a day and your ‘wall’ looks spammed by their posts!

– Also see the tabs/applications and the contests the brand comes up with. It should be exciting contests, the kinds that you would love to take part in!

When you like a page on facebook, it should be of real interest to you. It should have interesting posts and comments that keep you glued to the brand. It should not be such that, seeing the page and the kind of engagement they conduct, you finally lose interest in the products and the brand itself!

8 Simple Facebook Page Engagement Ideas! How to Increase Engagement on your Page?

Brands exist on Facebook to be able to communicate and create a rapport with their customers and connect with them on a personal level. And in order to achieve that, they indulge in engaging their fans on the brand page.

Having said that, what exactly is Page Engagement??
Engagement is any interacting which happens on the Facebook page and includes:
– Likes
– Comments
– Shares

In this day and age, there is no better way to reach out and engage with both present and potential consumers in social media than through an active Facebook Page!

Now, here are the best ways to assure high engagement on your Timeline?
• Cover Photo:
Your page’s Cover Photo appears right at the top of the Timeline. That is the first thing a user sees when they enter your page. Therefore, it is very important that you have a visually-attractive photo.

• Pinned Posts:
A Pinned post remains on top of your timeline for 7 days. So when you have an important message that you want to convey to your customers, ensure that you Pin it!

• Highlighted Posts:
Want a post to be highlighted and eye catchy? Simple…Highlight it on the page! This will ensure that the post and image appear prominently on the page by expanding to the width of your page.

• Ask Specific Questions:
On every post that goes on the page, ask questions that require short, crisp answers. This ensures higher engagement on the page.

• Post photos that provoke Comments, Likes & Shares:
The simplest way to get people to interact on your page is by posting interesting pictures. Pictures and Videos get the most number of posts and likes ever!

• Give people a chance to share their knowledge and expertise:
Being social requires you to being open to listening to others’ opinions. Give people an opportunity to voice their views and opinions on your page.

• Be authentic and be yourself:
Make sure you post about things that people relate to and not only about topics related to your industry/products.

• Post Often:
To ensure high engagement on the page, you need to be very active on the page. You need to post often enough to connect with the customers.