Inbound Links To The Rescue: How To Build Them To Increase Your Site Rank?

When we search for something on Google, we type in the keywords, skim through the first page and either find what we wanted or call off the search. The thought that there are a million other pages with similar results does not cross our minds. That’s why site ranking is important.

Websites work towards increasing their web page ranking using multiple methods. One of these methods that has the highest SEO benefit but is the hardest to obtain is inbound links.

What Are Inbound Links?

Inbound links are links in your website that point to another website. For instance, take two situations. In the first situation, you have the owner of a company telling you that the products he sells are the best. In the second situation, you have a trusted friend of yours, who has nothing to benefit from the said company, telling you that their products are really good. You are much more likely to buy the product because of the latter’s review than the former. The same goes for inbound links.

When a different website mentions a link to your website, it must mean that you have some notable content/product/service to offer, which increases your site ranking. While the idea is simple, getting other websites to mention links to your website is not exactly a cakewalk. Let us find out what you can do about it.

How To Build Inbound Links For A Higher Rank

Since you can’t necessarily pester other blogs or pay them to mention your content (well, you can, but you shouldn’t), here is how you can build inbound links the right way.

  1. A good blog with consistent entries: Be newsworthy and catchy for your posts to be noted by others. If you don’t post good content the only reason to mention you might be to critique it (which also will increase your ranking) but we are guessing you care about the means and not just the end in this case. Famous, not infamous, right?
  2. Link other blogs in your blog: What do you do when you want someone to do something nice for you? You are nice to them first. The internet is not all that different either. If you want other blogs to have links to yours, you mention their content on yours first. They might just return the favour.
  3. Publish resource lists: Creating a resource list with links to your content can be helpful for others and easy to share. 
  4. Create content that guarantees inbound links: Organising and publishing webinars partnered with companies and influencers, research data, case studies, new topics nobody has written about, sharable templates, infographics, press releases, and more are content that are most likely shared.
  5. Ask your product to be reviewed: There are many websites that review products and services. Getting yours reviewed automatically gets you an inbound link.
  6. Add CTA option for social sharing: If your content has certain statements that you think can be shared on social media, create a “click to share” button next to the statement for easy access.

 With these tips, you can start curating content that will get you a higher ranking and drive more traffic to your website. However, there is also an easy way out. Investing in a digital marketing firm’s services can help you relax while the experts get to creating content that uses all the methods to improve SEO ranking. Reach out to Odigma digital marketing firm to avail our professional services to optimise your website. 


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