Instagram Marketing 2.0: New Features and Strategies for Growth

There was a time in our lives when mindless scrolling through social media had an endpoint, accompanied by a message stating, “You have reached the end of your feed; that’s all we have for you today!” However, the landscape of scrolling and content consumption has since evolved, becoming seemingly limitless, and our appetite for more content continues to grow. Whether you seek entertainment, news, or information, social media caters to your preferences based on your online behaviour, thanks to the algorithms that have been finely tuned for this purpose.

This transformation emphasises the remarkable expansion of marketing strategies in recent years. Among the various platforms in the realm of social media marketing, Instagram stands out as a prime example. People now use this platform for many purposes, be it for entertainment, business visibility, or staying informed about global happenings. In this blog, we will primarily cover three key topics.

  1. What is Instagram Marketing?
  2. What are the Instagram Marketing Trends of 2023?
  3. How to leverage Instagram Advertising as part of growth strategies?

For over a decade, Instagram has been a driving force in shaping the landscape of social commerce, the creator economy, and how brands leverage social media. With over 2 billion monthly active users as of Q4 2021, marking a 200% increase from 2018, Instagram holds a unique status as both the original and trendsetting force in social media marketing.

So, whether you’re an Instagram marketer or aspiring to establish your brand’s presence, here are some valuable tips and techniques that ODigMa uses to assist you.

So, What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is about using content to make people aware of your brand, generate leads, or increase sales and followers. It’s a practice embraced by brands, entrepreneurs, and content creators, each with unique goals. Brands that develop Instagram strategy create content, develop a smart content strategy, interact with their target audience, and more, all to achieve different results. These outcomes include growing brand visibility by gaining more followers and reaching a wider audience, sparking engagement through comments and shares, driving more traffic to their website through profile links and story clicks, and boosting sales through clicks or social commerce.

Now, you must be wondering what strategies are involved and their importance. At ODigMa, we don’t do the usual; we create compelling strategies that make the audience stick to their screens; now, digging a little deeper;

How to leverage Instagram Advertising as part of growth strategies?

1. Reels. Reels. Reels:

If you haven’t utilised this for your brand yet, this is your sign to use it. Reels are short, engaging videos perfect for capturing your audience’s attention. They can showcase products, tell stories, or entertain followers with quick tutorials. For instance, a fashion brand could create a reel demonstrating multiple ways to style a single outfit, ensuring your audience keeps coming back for more.

2. Stories:

Instagram stories are a daily feature where you can post images or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Consistently sharing stories can keep your audience engaged, offer real-time updates, and provide a more personal connection with your followers. Another reason you must use the Instagram stories feature is that your posts might get lost in the ocean of uploaded posts. Use interactive features like polls, questions, and quizzes to encourage audience participation and gather valuable insights.

3. Hashtags:

Hashtags are essential for discoverability on Instagram. They categorise your content and make it easier for users interested in those topics to find your posts. Using relevant and trending hashtags in your captions and posts can increase your content’s visibility. For instance, if you’re a brand, jump into trends using hashtags like #MomentMarketing or create your unique campaign hashtag to engage with your audience.

4. Engage with Comments & Direct Messages:

Building a sense of community and personalisation is vital for any brand or individual on Instagram. Responding to comments and direct messages shows that you value your audience. Engaging with them fosters trust and loyalty. For instance, if someone comments on your post with a question, respond promptly with a helpful answer. Acknowledging and appreciating positive comments can also go a long way in building a strong brand-community relationship.

5. Collaborate with Influencers:

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to tap into a ready-made and engaged audience. When you partner with influencers, they create user-generated content that promotes your brand or product to their followers. For example, a tech brand could collaborate with a tech-savvy influencer who does a hands-on review of your latest gadget. This increases exposure and adds credibility as their followers trust their opinions and recommendations.

6. Contests & Giveaways:

Running contests and giveaways on Instagram can create excitement and encourage user participation. It’s an effective way to increase brand awareness and engagement. Encourage users to tag friends, share your content, or use a specific hashtag to enter, which can expand your reach.

7. Keywords:

Incorporating relevant keywords in your captions, bio, and content can help your profile appear in search results. This is especially important if you want to be discovered by users searching for specific products or information.

8. Cross-Promotion:

Cross-promoting your Instagram content on other social media platforms or collaborating with other brands can help expand your reach and gain followers from different audiences.

Now, you must wonder if posting regular Instagram content can achieve your goals. The reality is quite the opposite. To make a significant impact, you must dive into viral trends, current events, and even the latest technological updates. 

What are the Instagram Marketing Trends of 2023?

Instagram marketing trends come and go in the blink of an eye. That brief moment of attention you receive from your audience can make or break your brand or even propel you to viral fame on any given day. However, unlike entertaining content, most brand campaigns and content require meticulous planning and a deep understanding of your audience. In the next part of this blog, we’ll share insights on how to seamlessly integrate Instagram features that have become trends into your brand strategy.

1. E-commerce Shop:

 If you own a jewellery business, posting a captivating image of a new collection with price tags on each piece enables a seamless shopping experience. When users click on an item they like, they’re presented with additional images, descriptions, and a direct link to purchase. This simplified process enhances user experience and increases the likelihood of completing a purchase while staying within the Instagram app.

2. Send Gifts:

Imagine you’re a musician performing a live acoustic concert on Instagram. Your audience can send virtual gifts during your performance to show their support. These virtual gifts, often in the form of stars, can be turned into real money. It’s a way for your fans to express their appreciation, and for you, it’s a direct way to earn from your live content.

3. Broadcast Channels:

Imagine you’re a travel influencer. Instagram Live becomes your travel companion as you take your audience on a real-time journey to a picturesque sunset at a stunning destination. Your followers can ask questions and interact with you in the moment. Later, on IGTV, you share a comprehensive travel guide for that location, highlighting cultural insights, local delicacies, and hidden gems. This multi-faceted approach keeps your audience engaged during your adventures and provides them with valuable content for their travels.

4. Location Tags:

Operating a food truck, you’re well aware of the importance of location. Adding location tags to your posts ensures that food enthusiasts searching for nearby dining options find your delicious offerings. Whether parked at a local event, food festival, or even near a popular tourist spot, these location tags act as beacons, guiding potential customers to your mobile kitchen.

5. A.I. Stickers:

If you’re a cooking enthusiast sharing a step-by-step recipe, A.I. stickers offer a dynamic dimension to your content. You can use poll stickers to let your followers decide on the next ingredient or cooking technique to incorporate. Quiz stickers challenge your audience’s culinary knowledge.

The evolution of Instagram’s strategy and marketing has been nothing short of extraordinary. With the platform’s influence continually rising, businesses and content creators must adapt and innovate to stay ahead in this dynamic landscape. With its ever-growing user base, Instagram is a pivotal player in social media marketing, and it’s essential to leverage its vast potential to achieve your goals.

At ODigMa, one of the best Instagram marketing agencies in India, we understand that the future of Instagram branding & marketing lies in creating captivating content, adapting to the latest trends, and harnessing the power of innovative features. To succeed in the ever-evolving realm of marketing, we believe it’s crucial to keep up with the trends and stay a step ahead with our Instagram marketing services.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Instagram marketer or looking for Instagram marketing services, remember that the world of Instagram marketing is a dynamic and limitless playground. You can make your brand stand out with the right strategies, creativity, and expertise. At ODigMa, we’re here to help you navigate this ever-expanding world of Instagram marketing and ensure your brand’s success in this thriving ecosystem.

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