The Digital Frontier: How traditionally offline heavy services seamlessly moved online

*Ring ring* goes the alarm. You open your eyes, check the phone for emails/texts. You gather a little more strength, roll over to your laptop, sign in for work/class. While you are at it, you also scroll through social media for the latest gossip, read the news, get a doctor’s appointment, buy groceries, food, and whatnot, all from the same laptop. 

From Work To Entertainment To Daily Chores.

From a whole world outside to within four walls and a screen, such has become our life.

While we wait for the day when things go back to ‘normal’, we say we are ahead of time. Think about it; even before Covid, there was working from home, buying groceries online, online courses, talking to therapists online, reading books through kindle. Post-pandemic, even the ones offline were forced to move online, but didn’t we all see this coming anyway? It is high time we embraced the digital frontier for the blessing that it is.

Schools, Colleges, Movie Businesses, and More.

Study shows that ever since online classes began, students are retaining information better and faster. Many companies are also considering work-from-home to continue in the longer run. WFH has companies saving a lot of money that usually goes into the functioning of an office all while increasing productivity. 

It is not just the professional part of our life that is adapting to this new norm permanently.  When it comes to the movie business, the use of OTT platforms has seen a huge rise. The fact that some of the best artwork came out during a period of uncertainty in real life adds to the quality of content in such platforms. Another field that has benefited from going online is mental health. With a surge in mental illness, people find it way private and convenient to talk to a therapist over an online call.        

While the digital divide is a reality, the divide is certainly becoming smaller by the day. With 4G connectivity and digital awareness, even the most traditionally offline industries were able to transition online. Online security is another aspect that’s furthered the trust that we place in employees logging in from home without risks of a data breach.

Working from the office or going to school is an inherent part of most people’s day to day, it is perhaps the socialisation that makes it special. With video calling and screen sharing, the socialisation aspect of the job is easily translated into the digital experience.

The transition may have been new and challenging, it was certainly one that we could fathom overcoming thanks to the power of the internet. So much so that, Governments have started introducing schemes to go fully digital and have good internet connectivity in the remotest locations. The fact that most of us had a smooth journey in the midst of a pandemic is all thanks to the potential the internet holds.

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