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Find Out What These Gen Z Words Mean From Our Digital Marketing Guide

Gone are the days of LOL and FOMO; we’re in the days of Suss and Simp. If you cannot process these abbreviations, here’s your guide to GEN Z words that you must add to your dictionary. In other news, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore to sell your products/services to Gen Z, come to the experts at ODigMa.

12 Gen Z Words That You NEED to Know Right Away

1. Fam: It may sound like “family,” but it refers to close friends. For example, “My college buddies are my fam!”

2. Sus: It’s a shortened version of “suspicion”.

3. Smol: As the word sounds, it means small. Just a Gen Z word version of it, don’t ask why.

4. Stan: This word is used when you’re a big celebrity fan and “approve” of their actions.

5. Situationship: This term refers to a romantic or physical relationship not officially established.

6. Salty: This term has various meanings, from feeling jealous to being upset or annoyed. For example, “That guy is really salty about our relationship.”

7. CEO: It may not always mean Chief Executive Officer, especially if it is a Gen Z using it. It refers to someone exceptionally skilled in their field or with extensive knowledge. For instance, “ODigMa’s employees are the CEOs of digital marketing services.”

8. Sheesh: Contrary to expectations, “sheesh” expresses something cool or excellent in the Gen Z word language and not something terrible.

Now, let’s dive into some difficult ones.

9. Cancel Culture: This term describes boycotting a celebrity or brand for something they have said or done. Check this out, “Actress Jameel Jamil criticises the Met Gala because this year’s theme honours the late designer Karl Lagerfeld.”

10. Living Rent-Free: This phrase means that something occupies your mind continuously. For example, when a new song or meme gets stuck in your head, it’s said to be living rent-free. “My Stupid Heart”, sung by that kid, is living rent-free in our head right now.

11. TFW: This abbreviation stands for “That Feeling When.” For example, “TFW, it’s a Friday night.”

12. Woke: When someone is described as “woke,” they are socially and politically aware.

Connecting with Gen Z: Stay Woke with ODigMa’s Expert Digital Marketing Services

You may genuinely want to learn these new Gen Z word terms today’s young adults are using but if you are someone who is looking to target the Gen Z audience, you probably don’t have an option either. The good news is that with ODigMa’s expert digital marketing services, your brand can stay woke, even if you aren’t. So what are you waiting for? Contact ODigMa, the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore to add some GLAM to your BRAND and get the vibe going.

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