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Growing Your Business With Conversational Marketing

Conversations. Isn’t that what keeps us going? Digital marketing is not different that way. In this era of starting a conversation with people with a single click, people expect the brand to do that too. Conversational marketing is all about that. Conversational Marketing is a customer-centric marketing approach that initiates two-way communication between the customer and the brand. This brings a whole new perspective to personalized marketing. As efficient digital marketing consultants, we know conversational marketing helps to engage website visitors in a way that turns them into potential customers. It also makes it easier for existing customers to engage and connect with the brand more efficiently. 

4 Benefits of Conversational Marketing

Boosting engagement

On top of bringing a personalized touch to the business, conversational marketing is a digital marketing service that helps in driving engagement, shortening the sales cycle, building customer loyalty and base, and driving sales and revenue. This is a fast-moving era and no one has the time to send an email and wait for the reply for the solution. People are looking for instant solutions and conversational marketing guarantees instant gratification. Making the customers feel valued is an age-old marketing trick that will never run out of fashion.


Conversational marketing opens up a big gateway to possibilities. With conversational marketing, you get to understand the needs and wants of a customer and offer them better solutions and services they are looking for. The benefits are not limited to this. When you run a business, you are not running it for business hours anymore. Accessibility to your business can be widened with the help of conversational marketing. Your business will be accessible to customers 24*7 for 365 days a year. This not only helps in enhancing customer loyalty but also helps in building customer relationships. 

Cater to all your customers at once

The concept of conversational marketing is not new. This digital marketing service has always existed. However, with the coming of artificial intelligence, we have now strengthened the means to make it work out. This entire concept helps you offer your services and solutions to not just one but many customers simultaneously. After all, when a customer reaches out to you, they don’t care whether you are already dealing with another customer. What they are looking for is a solution and if you are not able to provide them with one, they will easily move on to another brand without second thoughts. 

Highly convenient

 If you think conversational marketing is live chat, then you are wrong. There is more to it. Chatbots help a customer with answers, link to other resources, or process orders. On the other hand, conversational AI helps in initiating human-like conversations with customers and offers them solutions based on customer behaviour. Voice search is another conversational marketing tool that helps customers access your business using their voice. It is more personal and convenient. 

How to use conversational marketing?

As mentioned above, the benefits are limitless. It is said that by 2023, $112 billion in eCommerce chatbot purchases are estimated. Now if you are wondering how to use conversational marketing to achieve your business goals, keep reading! Before building your conversational marketing strategy, analyze your existing data. Since you need to establish this strategy across all platforms including offerings, sales, support, etc. You have to prepare your bot also for the same. If you have a target audience, you have to make a conversational platform appealing to their taste. In case you don’t have one or if you are dealing with foreign clients as well, make sure to infuse multi-language support and a user-friendly and neutral interface.

Your bot is the reflection of your brand. You must train it the way you want to portray yourself as a brand. It can be quirky and playful or professional and technical. Now comes the most important part. Conversations. Conversational marketing is all about the power of words. It is best to seek help from expert digital marketing consultants for this! If you are looking to drive value to your business, make strong and captivating copies that would catch the attention of potential customers. The dialogues of conversations must be strong, powerful, and helpful. After all, your bot is what you train it to be. 

Test it out

Once you are done with these steps, now you can do a test run. This will help you measure, optimize, and improve your conversational marketing strategy. Even after you take your bot live, always remember AI is changing every hour. Stay updated with feature updates and constantly be on the lookout for improvements. Keep a track of the growth and if your conversational strategy demands re-strategizing, go for it!

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