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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Checklist: 7 Steps to Follow

Social media is a tricky place especially if you are a business trying to reach your target audience. Unlike regular people, as a company, you don’t have close friends waiting to comment fire and kiss emojis to amp your posts up.  The relationship your target audience shares with you are highly contingent. Meaning, you could […]

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The Digital Frontier: How Offline Heavy Services Easily Moved Online

*Ring ring* goes the alarm. You open your eyes, check the phone for emails/texts. You gather a little more strength, roll over to your laptop, sign in for work/class. While you are at it, you also scroll through social media for the latest gossip, read the news, get a doctor’s appointment, buy groceries, food, and […]

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Why Companies Worldwide Slant To Cloud Services?

Lack of technological skills and enlarged solutions within simple achieve make businesses embrace third-party data safety providers. According to a global examination of approximately 1400 thing leaders, businesses are varying their attitude towards their IT strategy, as more and more businesses are outsourcing enterprise IT security to the uncovered vendor. Cyber fraud continues to thrive, […]

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